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Wiadomosci, Bankowość i finanse, Komputery i internet, Motoryzacja, Film, Rozrywka. '-'.' Software Architecture Metrics
• Kategoria: Inne
• Stron: 218, mikka oprawa, format:
• Autor: Christian Ciceri, Dave Farley, Neal Ford
Software architecture metrics are key to the maintainability and architectural quality of a software project and they can warn you about dangerous accumulations of architectural and technical debt early in the process.]]>

Python dla kadego. Kurs video. Rozwi 100 zada z Pythona i zosta programist
• Kategoria: Python - Programowanie
• Stron: 0, mikka oprawa, format:
• Autor: Karol Kurek

Designing Machine Learning Systems
• Kategoria: Inne
• Stron: 388, mikka oprawa, format:
• Autor: Chip Huyen
Machine learning systems are both complex and unique. Complex because they consist of many different components and involve many different stakeholders. Unique because they're data dependent, with data varying wildly from one use case to the next.]]>

The Elements of Voice First Style
• Kategoria: Inne - Programowanie
• Stron: 278, mikka oprawa, format:
• Autor: Ahmed Bouzid, Weiye Ma
If you're a new or experienced designer of conversational voice first experiences, this handy reference provides actionable answers to key aspects of eyes-busy, hands-busy, voice-only user interfaces.]]>

Product Management in Practice. 2nd Edition
• Kategoria: Inne
• Stron: 296, mikka oprawa, format:
• Autor: Matt LeMay
Product management has become a critical function for modern organizations, from small startups to corporate enterprises. And yet, the day-to-day work of product management remains largely misunderstood.]]>

NGINX Cookbook. 2nd Edition
• Kategoria: Inne
• Stron: 204, mikka oprawa, format:
• Autor: Derek DeJonghe
NGINX is one of the most widely used web servers available today, in part because of itscapabilities as a load balancer and reverse proxy server for HTTP and other network protocols. This revised cookbook provides easy-to-follow examples of real-world problems in application delivery.]]>

Fundamentals of Deep Learning. 2nd Edition
• Kategoria: Uczenie maszynowe
• Stron: 390, mikka oprawa, format:
• Autor: Nithin Buduma, Nikhil Buduma, Joe Papa
We're in the midst of an AI research explosion. Deep learning has unlocked superhuman perception to power our push toward creating self-driving vehicles, defeating human experts at a variety of difficult games including Go, and even generating essays with shockingly coherent prose.]]>

Teoria gier. Podstawy matematyczne
• Kategoria: Matematyka Europejczyka
• Stron: 240, mikka oprawa, format:
• Autor: Rida Laraki, Jérôme Renault, Sylvain Sorin

App Inventor. Kurs video. Stwrz gr mobiln bez kodowania
• Kategoria: Programowanie gier
• Stron: 0, mikka oprawa, format:
• Autor: Konrad Jagaciak

Переговори з дельфінами
• Kategoria: Inne
• Stron: 176, mikka oprawa, format:
• Autor: ,#x041c;,#x0430;,#x043a;,#x0441;,#x0438;,#x043c; ,#x0420;,#x043e;,#x043c;,#x0435;,#x043d;,#x0441;,#x
Як говорити з цінним розробником, який поводитьс.]]>

Wiadomosci, Bankowość i finanse, Komputery i internet, Motoryzacja, Film, Rozrywka. '-'.'